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Note: In the following sections there are references to 'Common', 'Special' and 'Legendary' units, this is the verbiage now used in the game for unit tiers and these corresspond to 'Mortal', 'Immortal' and 'Legendary' respectively as referenced in other parts of the Wiki.

Like chess, it can be very beneficial to plan out a battle several moves in advance; for example Assassins go first due to initiative, but moving them straight away means putting them in range of shorter ranged archers/casters, so waiting (see note below) may be beneficial and then advancing them later in the round such that the next round they are in good position for first strike on a weaker preferred unit (such as archers).  Over time this becomes a natural part of a player's game, so much so that most experienced players can predict how a battle will progress several rounds in advance.

!! Waiting is unfortunately bugged in King's Bounty: Legions - the units with highest initiative go first, however if they wait and every other unit waits, they end up going first again thus removing the benefit of going first or last (as in the other King's Bounty games) !!

The following sections expand on various subjects pertaining to tactics starting with how to prepare your army and going on to specific battlefield tactics:

Creating an Army - covers everything you need to know about creating an army to suit your playing style.

Equipping your Army - covers everything you need to know about equipping your army for battle

On the Battlefield - covers battlefield tactics; opening moves; battle scenarios etc.

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