Unit: Drop: Drop: Unit:
Alchemist Alchemist's Jar Alchemist's Jar Alchemist
Alchemist Coarse Thread Alchemist's Jar Ancient Serpent
Alchemist Forest Herbs Alchemist's Jar Cave Spider
Ancient Ent Living Tree Alchemist's Jar Gunner
Ancient Ent Potion of Life Alchemist's Jar Pirate
Ancient Ent Wood Alchemist's Jar Ranger
Ancient Serpent Alchemist's Jar Alchemist's Jar Swamp Serpent
Ancient Serpent Lesser Magic Seal Alchemist's Jar Thorn Hunter
Ancient Serpent Tough Hide Coarse Thread Alchemist
Archer Coarse Thread Coarse Thread Archer
Archer Linen Fabric Coarse Thread Cave Spider
Archer Parchment Coarse Thread Druid
Archmage Magical Parchment Coarse Thread Lake Draconid
Archmage Parchment Coarse Thread Peasant
Archmage Sands of Time Coarse Thread Pirate
Assassin Parchment Coarse Thread Ranger
Assassin Silk Fabric Coarse Thread Sea Wolf
Assassin Transformation Elixir Enchanted Thread Dryad
Black Unicorn Forest Herbs Forest Herbs Alchemist
Black Unicorn Lesser Magic Seal Forest Herbs Black Unicorn
Black Unicorn Strong Acid Forest Herbs Brontaur
Brontaur Forest Herbs Forest Herbs Gargoyle Shaman
Brontaur Torn Hide Forest Herbs Peasant
Cave Spider Alchemist's Jar Forest Herbs Thorn Hunter
Cave Spider Coarse Thread Forest Herbs Young Fairy
Cave Spider Furs Furs Cave Spider
Champion Silver Ingot Furs Dark Griffin
Champion Star Fabric Furs Fiery Spider
Champion Wood Furs Polar Bear
Cyclops --- Furs Possessed Bear
Dark Griffin Furs Furs Unicorn
Dark Griffin Magic Hide Furs Vagabond
Dark Griffin Wool Fabric Gold Ingot Paladin
Demonologist Linen Fabric Iron Gargoyle Trainee
Demonologist Runic Seal Iron Inventor
Demonologist Sorcerer's Seal Iron Knight
Druid Coarse Thread Iron Paladin
Druid Lesser Magic Seal Iron Sea Devil
Druid Parchment Iron Sea Wolf
Dryad Enchanted Thread Iron Swordsman
Dryad Star Dust Iron Vagabond
Dryad Thin Thread Iron Zombies
Duke of Darkness ? Lesser Magic Seal Ancient Serpent
Emerald Dragon Magic Hide Lesser Magic Seal Black Unicorn
Emerald Dragon Torn Hide Lesser Magic Seal Druid
Emerald Dragon Tough Hide Lesser Magic Seal Forest Guardian
Evil Eye ? Lesser Magic Seal Gargoyle Trainee
Eyebeast Magic Powder Lesser Magic Seal Ghost
Eyebeast Torn Hide Lesser Magic Seal Inquisitor
Fiery Spider Furs Lesser Magic Seal Pilgrim
Fiery Spider Thin Thread Lesser Magic Seal Polar Bear
Fiery Spider Torn Hide Lesser Magic Seal Swordsman
Forest Guardian Lesser Magic Seal Linen Fabric Archer
Forest Guardian Parchment Linen Fabric Demonologist
Forest Guardian Star Dust Linen Fabric Ghost
Gargoyle Hunter Living Tree Linen Fabric Necromancer
Gargoyle Hunter Torn Hide Linen Fabric Pirate
Gargoyle Hunter Wood Linen Fabric Young Fairy
Gargoyle Shaman Forest Herbs Living Tree Ancient Ent
Gargoyle Shaman Runic Scroll Living Tree Gargoyle Hunter
Gargoyle Shaman Runic Seal Magic Hide Dark Griffin
Gargoyle Trainee Iron Magic Hide Emerald Dragon
Gargoyle Trainee Lesser Magic Seal Magic Powder Eyebeast
Gargoyle Trainee Wood Magic Powder Ghost
Ghost Lesser Magic Seal Magic Powder Gunner
Ghost Linen Fabric Magic Powder Lake Draconid
Ghost Magic Powder Magic Powder Pilgrim
Grey-maned Griffin ? Magic Powder Pirate
Gunner Alchemist's Jar Magic Powder Royal Thorn
Gunner Magic Powder Magic Powder Unicorn
Gunner Thin Thread Magic Powder Young Fairy
Inquisitor Lesser Magic Seal Magical Parchment Archmage
Inquisitor Parchment Magical Parchment Necromancer
Inquisitor Star Dust Parchment Archer
Inventor Iron Parchment Archmage
Inventor Parchment Parchment Assassin
Inventor Water-Resistant Paint Parchment Druid
Knight Iron Parchment Forest Guardian
Knight Silver Ingot Parchment Inquisitor
Knight Torn Hide Parchment Inventor
Lake Draconid Coarse Thread Parchment Necromancer
Lake Draconid Magic Powder Parchment Pilgrim
Lake Draconid Torn Hide Parchment Zombies
Lake Fairy ? Potion of Life Ancient Ent
Necromancer Linen Fabric Runic Scroll Gargoyle Shaman
Necromancer Magical Parchment Runic Seal Demonologist
Necromancer Parchment Runic Seal Gargoyle Shaman
Necromancer Runic Seal Runic Seal Necromancer
Night Wolf ? Sands of Time Archmage
Paladin Gold Ingot Silk Fabric Assassin
Paladin Iron Silk Fabric Sea Wolf
Paladin Silver Ingot Silver Ingot Champion
Peasant Coarse Thread Silver Ingot Knight
Peasant Forest Herbs Silver Ingot Paladin
Peasant Wood Sorcerer's Seal Demonologist
Pilgrim Lesser Magic Seal Star Dust Dryad
Pilgrim Magic Powder Star Dust Forest Guardian
Pilgrim Parchment Star Dust Inquisitor
Pirate Alchemist's Jar Star Fabric Champion
Pirate Coarse Thread Strong Acid Black Unicorn
Pirate Linen Fabric Thin Thread Dryad
Pirate Magic Powder Thin Thread Fiery Spider
Polar Bear Furs Thin Thread Gunner
Polar Bear Lesser Magic Seal Torn Hide Brontaur
Polar Bear Tough Hide Torn Hide Emerald Dragon
Possessed Bear Furs Torn Hide Eyebeast
Possessed Bear Torn Hide Torn Hide Fiery Spider
Ranger Alchemist's Jar Torn Hide Gargoyle Hunter
Ranger Coarse Thread Torn Hide Knight
Ranger Wool Fabric Torn Hide Lake Draconid
Royal Thorn Magic Powder Torn Hide Possessed Bear
Royal Thorn Wood Torn Hide Swamp Serpent
Sea Devil Iron Torn Hide Swordsman
Sea Devil Water-Resistant Paint Torn Hide Vagabond
Sea Wolf Coarse Thread Tough Hide Ancient Serpent
Sea Wolf Iron Tough Hide Emerald Dragon
Sea Wolf Silk Fabric Tough Hide Polar Bear
Swamp Serpent Alchemist's Jar Transformation Elixir Assassin
Swamp Serpent Torn Hide Water-Resistant Paint Inventor
Swordsman Iron Water-Resistant Paint Sea Devil
Swordsman Lesser Magic Seal Wood Ancient Ent
Swordsman Torn Hide Wood Champion
Thorn Hunter Alchemist's Jar Wood Gargoyle Hunter
Thorn Hunter Forest Herbs Wood Gargoyle Trainee
Thorn Hunter Wood Wood Peasant
T-Rex --- Wood Royal Thorn
Unicorn Furs Wood Thorn Hunter
Unicorn Magic Powder Wood Zombies
Vagabond Furs Wool Fabric Dark Griffin
Vagabond Iron Wool Fabric Ranger
Vagabond Torn Hide --- Cyclops
Warlock ? --- T-Rex
Young Fairy Forest Herbs ? Duke of Darkness
Young Fairy Linen Fabric ? Evil Eye
Young Fairy Magic Powder ? Grey-maned Griffin
Zombies Iron ? Lake Fairy
Zombies Parchment ? Night Wolf
Zombies Wood ? Warlock

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