Clans World Map Icon

Click the icon to open the "Clans" menu.

Players have the option of joining clans in King's Bounty: Legions. The clan menu can be accessed from the World Map by clicking on the "G" icon (see picture to the right)

Creating a ClanEdit

  • Cost: 100,000 gold.

You will be able to choose the name of the clan and the chevron, which is a short tag that will appear next to a player's name in chat. As a guild leader, you can edit a "Message of the Day" 

Joining a ClanEdit

  • You must be invited by an officer or the guild leader of a clan. There is no feature that allows players to apply for membership.

"Your Clan" TabEdit

Clans Your Clan Tab

View of the "Your Clan" tab and options.

This is a part of the screen you will see at the "Your Clan" tab. The green bar represents your guild's current exp and the circle to the left of this bar is your guild's level. the circle with a "+" sign to the right of the bar allows you to donate coins (50,000 coins minimum donation) or items: weapons and armor only (you cannot donate runes, spells or materials). Higher level items will give you more contribution points.

"Top Clans" TabEdit

At this tab, you will be able to see the highest ranking clans.

--details to be added--


Challenges are duels against other players with army and ratings requirements that benefit your clan.

There are two types of challenges of varying ratings and army requirement that are generated randomly every few days. 

Here are some of the random challenges your clan may have.

1.Rating: 1000+Edit

  • Only use Chaos troops in your army! (Level 5+)

2. Rating: 1400+Edit

  • Only use Melee creatures (Range stat=1)!(Level 5+)




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