Each village has a set of daily quests that can be completed to recieved various gifts and experience points. These quest are a good way to complete the medal of honour for each village as well as gain units. Some quest give you an option of which units you want. You can only select one type of unit.

Location Reward
Garrison of the Order 1 x Vagabond
Kronberg 1 x Pilgrim
Library Ruins 1 x Possessed Bear
Karakol Port 2 x Pirate
Turtle Hill 3 x Cave Spider OR 2 x Archer
Forsaken Village 1 x Ghost OR 2 x Vagabond
Hunter’s Camp 4 x Lake Draconid OR  3 x Swamp Serpent
Bear Forest 5 x Cave Spider OR 2 x Possessed Bear
Eastern Fort 2 x Swordsman OR 4 x Archer
Engineer’s Reservation 2 x Alchemist OR 3 x Zombie
Barley Grove 6 x Lake Draconid OR 3 x Archer
Northern Bay 5 x Vagabond OR 3 x Swordsman
Ruined Temple 5 x Pilgrim OR 15 x Young Fairy
Watermill Junction 4 x Swamp Serpent OR 2 x Brontaur
Free Village 4 x Zombies OR 6 x Pirate
Shady Grove 10 x Lake Draconid or 20 x Young Fairy
Academy Tiltyard 3 x Alchemist OR 2 x Eyebeast
Gray Warden Garrison 5 x Swordsman OR 15 x Archer
Western Fort 5 x Gargoyle Trainee OR 5 x Unicorn
Witch’s Swamp 20 x Cave Spider OR 3 x Ghost
Scout’s Camp 4 x Druid OR 4 x Unicorn
Ancient Temple 4 x Ghost OR 3 x Eyebeast