Faction: Chaos
Tier: Legendary
Class: Healer


Leadership: 200
Health: 1500
Damage: 280-330
Damage Type: Magical
Range: 1
Attack: 210
Defense: 210
Initiative: 5
Speed: 2
Critical Hit Chance: 12%
Physical Resistance: 0%
Alchemical Resistance: 5%
Magical Resistance: 25%


Purchase Price: gold or gems
Repair Cost: gold and 6 stamina


Ghostly Blow
The Duke lunges and attacks with his enchanted foil inflicting 280-330 magical damage.
Damage: 280-330
Damage Type: Magical
Range: 1
Cooldown: 0 round(s)

Shackles of Darkness
Restrains a squad's movement and immobilizes it.
Range: 2
Cooldown: 5 round(s)
Duration: 2 round(s)

Gives himself and his allies bloodlust. Increases Attack for himself and his allies by 60. Increases Critical Chance by 7.
Range: self
Cooldown: 4 round(s)
Duration: 2 round(s)


Undead - Receives extra damage from units with the Servant of the Light feature.

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