Hunter's Camp

Adjoining LocationsEdit

Forsaken Village
Bear Forest

Medal of HonorEdit

Hunter's Camp
Number of Required Battles 9
Reward 3x Fiery Spider or 2x Polar Bear

Shop ContentsEdit

Unit Type Cost in Gold
Archer 2000
Swamp Serpent 2250
Spell Cost in Gold
Magical Armor 200
Acceleration 250


Ruined Plans
Quest Giver Baron Hussaro
Quest Task Destroy 10 Dark Griffins and 30 Possessed Bears
Related Battle Mystical Monsters
Next Quest Satisfaction
Completion Reward (gold) 3400
Completion Reward (exp) 224
Completion Reward (units) 3x Pilgrim or 3x Archer
Quest Giver Baron Hussaro
Quest Task Triumph over Baron Hussaro's army
Related Battle Baron Hussaro's Army
Previous Quest Ruined Plans
Next Quest Free at Last
Completion Reward (gold) 4500
Completion Reward (exp) 240
Completion Reward (spells) 2x Chain Lightning

Hunter's Camp
Quest Giver Baron Hussaro
Quest Task Speak to Scout Giango at Hunter's Camp
Previous Quest Satisfaction
Next Quest Imprisoned by Dark Mages
Completion Reward (exp) 90
Completion Reward (material) 3x Parchment
Imprisoned by Dark Mages
Quest Giver Scout Giango
Quest Task Speak to Fatto the Ranger at Bear Forest
Previous Quest Free at Last
Next Quest The Sleepy Knight
Completion Reward (gold) 900
Completion Reward (exp) 120
Completion Reward (material) 1x Ranger's License

Without Measure
Quest Giver Rob Torbin
Quest Task Destroy 2 squads of Poachers
Related Battle Band of Poachers
Previous Quest Lone Hunter
Next Quest Furry Apocalypse or Lone Hunter (choice)
Completion Reward (gold) 4250
Completion Reward (exp) 224
Completion Reward (spells) 1x Slowdown or 2x Heal
Furry Apocalypse
Quest Giver Rob Torbin
Quest Task Destroy 40 Possesed Bears
Related Battle Forest Dwellers
Previous Quest Without Measure
Next Quest Lone Hunter
Completion Reward (gold) 3400
Completion Reward (exp) 168
Completion Reward (material) 2x Magic Powder or 2x Forest Herbs

Lone Hunter
Quest Giver Rob Torbin
Quest Task Destroy 20 Dark Griffins
Related Battle Cursed Griffins
Previous Quest Furry Apocalypse
Next Quest Without Measure
Completion Reward (gold) 5100
Completion Reward (exp) 280
Completion Reward (units) 4x Lake Draconid or 3x Swamp Serpent

Normal BattlesEdit

Forest PatrolEdit

Bear PackEdit

Quest BattlesEdit

Mystical MonstersEdit

Baron Hussaro's ArmyEdit

Cursed GriffinsEdit

Band of PoachersEdit

Forest DwellersEdit

Uncontrolled Beast PackEdit

Wanted BattlesEdit

Scaled CharmersEdit

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