Library Ruins

Adjoining LocationsEdit

Garrison of the Order

Medal of HonorEdit

A Medal of Honor is awarded for completing 2 daily quests here.

Shop ContentsEdit



  • Healing (200 gold)
  • Slowdown (350 gold)

Main QuestsEdit

Manuscript HuntersEdit

  • Quest Giver: Charon the Archive Keeper
  • Task: Smash the Gang of Vagabonds
  • Related Battle: Gang of Vagabonds
  • Reward: 2000 gold, 96 exp, 3x Wood
  • Next Quest: Daring Theft

Daring TheftEdit

  • Quest Giver: Charon the Archive Keeper
  • Task: Speak to Commander Tarcus at Kronberg
  • Related Battle: None
  • Reward: 400 gold, 80 exp, and 1x Kingdom Guard
  • Next Quest: Living Dead

Side QuestsEdit

In Cloaks and ChitinEdit

  • Quest Giver: Keeper Paleopthos
  • Task: Destroy 5 Assassins and 10 Fiery Spiders
  • Related Battle: Marauder Gang
  • Reward: 2700 gold, 90 exp, and 20x Eyebeast or 20x Alchemist

Daily QuestsEdit


  • Quest Giver: Haras the Bookworm
  • Task: Destroy 40 Cave Spiders
  • Related Battle: Chitin Pedants
  • Reward: 2000 gold, 80 exp, and 2x Linen Fabric

Archive DwellersEdit

  • Quest Giver: Haras the Bookworm
  • Task: Destroy 2 colonies of Crossbellies
  • Related Battle: Crossbelly Colony
  • Reward: 1200 gold, 96 exp, and 1x Entanglement or 2x Fiery Arrow

Normal BattlesEdit

Ruin's GhostsEdit

Quest BattlesEdit

Gang of VagabondsEdit

Marauder GangEdit

Chitin PedantsEdit

Crossbelly ColonyEdit

Wanted BattlesEdit


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