Medals of VALOUR can be obtained by completing daily quests in certain locations. When sufficient medals are earned, the player could in the past choose between certain units as a reward. Now, this feature has been removed from the game. 
Medals of Honor also give gold equal to 500 x the number of medals acquired. e.g. 500 gold for the 1st medal, 4500 gold for the 9th medal.

Listed below are locations where you can earn Medals of Honor (in parentheses is number of daily quests required to get the medal)

  1. Garrison of the Order (1 quest)
  2. Kronberg (2 quests)
  3. Library Ruins (2 quests)
  4. Karakol Port (5 quests)
  5. Forsaken Village (6 quests)
  6. Hunter's Camp (9 quests)
  7. Eastern Fort (7 quests)
  8. Barley Grove (12 quests)
  9. Engineers' Reservation (10 quests)
  10. Northern Bay (15 quests)
  11. Free Village (15 quests)
  12. Academy Tiltyard (15 quests)
  13. Gray Warden Garrison (12 quests)
  14. Western Fort (12 quests)
  15. Scouts' Camp (15 quests)