Polar bear

Faction: Beasts
Tier: Special
Class: Defender

An inhabitant of the northern islands of the Archipelago, the Polar Bear possesses immense health and physical power. Danger evokes the Spirit of the North in the Polar Bear, which reduces the creature's mobility, but protects it from damage, while Ice Claws enable it to slow down enemies.


Leadership: 150
Health: 1400
Damage: 220-240
Damage Type: Physical
Range: 1
Attack: 180
Defense: 180
Initiative: 4
Speed: 3
Critical Hit Chance: 12%
Physical Resistance: 20%
Alchemical Resistance: 10%
Magical Resistance: 0%


Purchase Price: gold or gems
Repair Cost: gold and 4 stamina


Bear Bite
A horrible bite dealing 220-240 damage.
Damage: 220-240
Damage Type: Physical
Range: 1
Cooldown: 0 round(s)

Spirit of the North
The Spirit of the North awakens in the Bear, reducing its speed by 1 but increasing resistance by 15%. Does not end the turn.
Range: self
Cooldown: 3 round(s)
Duration: 2 round(s)

Ice Claws
A powerful blow with a clawed paw dealing 240-260 damage (magic) and lowering Common or Special unit speed by 1.
Damage: 240-260
Damage Type: Magical
Range: 1
Cooldown: 4 round(s)
Duration: 1 round(s)


Beast - Receives extra damage from units with the Hunter feature.

Relevant ItemsEdit

Polar Bear Enhancing Items
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Special Enhancing Items
Defender Enhancing Items
Special Beasts Enhancing Items
Special Defender Enhancing Items


Level Gold Strategy Books Crystals Success Rate% (Gold/Crystals) Bonuses
1. 12000 2 2 100/100 +10 Defence
2. 35000 +10 Attack
3. 69000 +20 Defence, +3% Alchemical Resistance
4. 140000 +10 Attack
5. 285000 +10 Defence, +2% Physical Resistance
6. +25 Health, +1% Magical Resistance, +10 damage for Bear Bite
7. +12 Attack, +2% Physical, Magical, Alchemical Resistance for Spirit of the North
8. +12 Defence, +10 damage for Ice Claws
9. +12 Attack, +12 Defence
10. +30 Health, +1 Initiative, +(10-15) damage for Bear Bite
11. +12 Attack, +2% Physical, Magical, Alchemical Resistance for Spirit of the North
12. +2% Physical Resistance, +(10-15) damage for Ice Claws
13. +35 Health, -1 cooldown for Ice Claws
14. +13 Attack, +(10-20) damage for Bear Bite
15. +50 Health,+(15-25) damage for Ice Claws, +2% Physical, Magical, Alchemical Resistance for Spirit of the North

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