Main Quest BattlesEdit

Academy CadetEdit

Deserter ArchersEdit

Marsh BroodEdit

Horde of BrigandsEdit

Gang of VagabondsEdit

Walking DeadEdit

Band of PiratesEdit

Steel BeaksEdit

Spell's VictimsEdit

Party of CondemnedEdit

Scarlet Sashes in Red ShirtsEdit

Sorcerer SpidersEdit

Squad of Gray WardensEdit

Furry Spider Queen and her BroodEdit

Mystical MonstersEdit

Baron Hussaro's ArmyEdit

Ladies of the ForestEdit

Missing Eastern Fort through Academy TiltyardEdit


Lazarus CultistsEdit

Saurian SorcerersEdit

Battle LizardsEdit

Disturbers of PeaceEdit

Swamp MonstersEdit

Emerald SpawnEdit

Carnivorous PlantsEdit

Deathly AdeptsEdit

Sorcerers of DeathEdit

Adepts of LazarusEdit

Lazarus' ArmyEdit

Side Quest BattlesEdit

Marauder GangEdit

Scaly ThievesEdit

Reagent ThievesEdit

Magical PlantsEdit

Black HoodEdit

In Progress

Daily Quest BattlesEdit

Forest FootpadsEdit

Red-Maned PackEdit

Northern Forest PoachersEdit

Living DeadEdit

Chitin PedantsEdit

Crossbelly ColonyEdit

Pirate GangEdit

​Maritime BrotherhoodEdit

  • Location: Karakol Port
  • Related Quest: Mutiny
  • Army Composition: Gunner, Archer, Swordsman, Pirate, Vagabond
  • Loot: Acceleration (low), Vial of Life (very low)

Fast Knives GangEdit

Gang of ExilesEdit

Magical TreesEdit

Gravedigger GangEdit


Order of Cleansing FanaticsEdit

Cursed GriffinsEdit

Band of PoachersEdit

Forest DwellersEdit

Uncontrolled Beast PackEdit

Furry Sweet TeethEdit

Forest BrotherhoodEdit

Forest SpiritsEdit

Horned HerdEdit


Missing Eastern Fort through Academy TiltyardEdit

"Engineers' Reservation Added"Edit

Squad of Dwarf MechanicsEdit

Lord of the DrownedEdit

  • Related Quest: Endless Persistence
  • Army Composition: Zombies, Necromencer, Demonologist, Ghost, Inventor
  • Loot: Slowdown (low)

Alchemical MonstersEdit

  • Related Quest: Failed Experiment
  • Army Composition: Ghost, Eyebeast, Zombies, Sea Devil
  • Loot: None

Squad of InfectorsEdit

Vorden Hatkh's SquadEdit

Zombie ArmyEdit

Squad of UndeadEdit

Forest PeopleEdit

Armored WeaversEdit

Forest BrotherhoodEdit

Human Woes GhostsEdit

Inquisition FanaticsEdit

Strike SquadEdit

Wild Horde SquadEdit

Ancient SorcerersEdit

Squad of MurderersEdit

Band of Horde ReinforcementsEdit

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