The following statistics can be found in the game:

  • Leadership - A core concept of the game, stating how many troops one may lead into battle, or how much a single unit costs, respectively.
  • Health - The hitpoints of a unit.
  • Damage - The damage a unit deals.
  • Range - The range (in fields) a unit has (Melee = 1). Ranged units get a damage reduction when attacking a unit outside their range (broken arrow icon).
  • Attack - The attack value of a unit. If it is higher than the defending unit's defense rating bonus damage is dealt.
  • Defense - The defense rating of a unit, reducing incoming (combat, not spell) damage.
  • Initiative - A unit with high initative acts sooner in combat.
  • Speed - The movement speed of a unit (in fields).
  • Critical Hit - The percentage chance to deal bonus damage.
  • Resistance - Resistances reduce damage from various sources (5% simply means 5% less damage):
    • Physical: Resistance towards physical attacks.
    • Alchemical: Resistance towards alchemical damage (spells and certain attacks/abilities).
    • Magical: Resistance towards magical attacks.

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