Turtle Hill

Adjoining LocationsEdit

Karakol Port
Forsaken Village

Medal of HonorEdit

  • Battle Requirement: 5
  • Rewards: Unknown

Shop ContentsEdit



Main QuestsEdit

Scarlet Sash GangEdit

The Path across the GraveyardEdit

Side QuestsEdit


Daily QuestsEdit

Exiles from a Far CountryEdit

  • Quest Giver: Martha Corvin
  • Task: Destroy 2 Gangs of Exiles
  • Related Battle: Gang of Exiles
  • Reward: 3000 gold, 132 exp, and 15x Brontaur or 90x Thorn Hunter

Nature's MagicEdit

  • Quest Giver: Martha Corvin
  • Task: Collect 2 Lanelia Flowers
  • Related Battle: Magical Trees
  • Reward: 2800 gold, 120 exp, and 3x Divine Shield or 2x Resurrection

Normal BattlesEdit

Dangerous BeastsEdit

Young LizardsEdit

Quest BattlesEdit

Scarlet Sashes in Red ShirtsEdit

Gang of ExilesEdit

Magical TreesEdit

Wanted BattlesEdit


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